Chanakya: Biography, Life Story & Books

05 May 2020
Things You Need To Know before reading Chanakya Biography
• Before Chanakya India Was Divided Into 16 States, each is governed by a different king. Out of all 16, Magadha (Capital: Pataliputra) was the biggest of them all, ruled by Nanada empire (King: Dhanananda ).
All 16 states fight with each other to annex each other's land. Common people live under the cruelty of these kings, King like Dhanananda place taxes on each and everything and use taxpayers money for his filthy and petty desires.
The amount of Money Dhanananda had is unimaginable, he was a cruel and greedy man. He just wants more money without knowing what he does with all this money.
• At that time, Alexandra won most of north India and leave His Greeks commanders on his behalf to rule.
• Taxila was the world's best university at that time, Situated in City with the same name. Students from all around the world came here to gain knowledge. Taxila teaches practical knowledge that can be helpful in Life.
All kings used to send there sons to Taxila to acquire knowledge. Anyone, who want to acquire knowledge can join Taxila.
Chanakya Biography

Chanakya Biography

• It is estimated that Chanakya was Born around 350 BC
• Chanakya Father name was Chanin and Mother name was Chaneshvari (Jain Legend)
• Chanakya was born with a full set of teeth which was a symbol that he would become a king in the future. His mother fears that he could ignore him after becoming king. So, Chanakya broke his teeth and Promise his mother that he never become a king.
• Chanakya Start reading Veads at a very early age and read and memorize all Vedas in his childhood which is Impossible of a normal kid.
• From Childhood Chanakya was interested in Politics and Economy
• Chanakya took admission at Taxila University to continue his further study where he used to study politics and economy. Taxila becomes Chanakya's home and he starts gaining practical knowledge of his subjects.
• After completing his studies he became a professor and start teaching in Taxila
• As Professor, Chanakya Inspire his many students and most of them able to do anything on his one order. Chanakya's teaching becoming famous around all India. People Known him as a Knowledgeable person and a Scholar.
• Chanakya smells a foreign Invasion and he thought "to fight foreign invasion all Indian state must unite otherwise they will lose". His idea of "Unification of India" accepted by intellectual people all around the country.
• Chanakya fears that, if current rulers can't able to defeat foreign invaders, people will live under slavery and misery of foreign invaders. So, he leaves Taxila to start his political journey.
• Chanakya Set Foot in Pataliputra City, Which was under Nanda's empire. Till that time, King Dhanananda become soft and start giving gifts to the poor and also formed a committee to his charity work and assign intellect people as its head. Chanakya was a well-known person until that time and become president of that committee.
• When Chanakya Meet king, King was disgusted by the ugly appearance of Chanakya and after some time due to some misunderstanding and ego he fired Chanakya from committee head and insulted him.
• Chanakya vowed to destroy Nanda's empire.
• Chanakya Start his search for a person with leadership quality because he knows he can't himself become king.
• He Meets Chandragupta Maurya, Who is a fearless boy with awesome leadership quality, from childhood, all people listen to him.
• Chanakya Start His training in Taxila and Teaches him Military warfare, politics, economy and all other things which are necessary to become a king.
• As Time passes, Chandragupta becomes a true leader, with the help of Chanakya Chandragupta form an army of loyal people.
• Chanakya and Chandragupta than start fighting greeks commanders in northern India and with help of local tribe fighter he defeated every last of greek general and became a true hero in common people's eye.
• Chanakya thought that their army becomes strong enough to defeat Nanda's and they attacked capital of the Nanda Empire and defeated miserable and both had to run from the battlefield to save their life.
• Chanakya than changed his strategy, he starts attacking border of Magadha empire instead of capital and also forms allies with many kings like Porus 2.
• Nanda's empire becomes weak and Chanakya & Chandragupta defeated Dhanananda and his sons. Chanakya fulfilled his destiny and Chandragupta become next king.

Chanakya's Life Conclusion

• Many people saw Chanakya life as a revengeful saga, But if look deeply Chanakya never let his anger control his life. He was a man of commitment and confidence.
• Chanakya always thought about well being of common people, He liberated people from the cruel kings and invaders.
• Chanakya thought, to make India great and ensure well being of common people he needs to 1.) Give throne to a True leader 2.) to continue his legacy he wrote Arthashastra and Nitishastra.

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